Tulip Massage, Bangkok

I had been to Tulip Massage once only and more than one year ago, but I had a good memory of this experience. I keep on reading good reviews of this place and I got a few visitors coming to this blog with a “Tulip Massage Bangkok” search on Google, therefore I’ve decided to check the place again.

This second time has confirmed my first impression: the girls are below average, but the service is very good. This is probably the best place in Bangkok to get a true body to body oil massage.

If you are ready to compromise on the look and focus on the oil massage, then Tulip Massage is definitely a place to try. And I strongly recommend that you ask to go downstair, where the girls are waiting, and chose by yourself, rather than relying on the photo book or the Mamasan.

Tulip Oil & Thai Massage is located on Sukhumvit road, right below the Thong Lor BTS station, on the same side as soi 38. More info about prices and location on the Teen Massage page.

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  1. They had quite a few pretty girls in the past but most of them have left now. If you like this kind of places, you should try the small shop on Patpong 2. Sorry I forgot the name.

  2. Well, last visit a week ago, “my” girl was getting so hot that the poor japanese staying next door left after 10 minutes and complaining. Best massage I had for the last 23 years in Bangkok.. sorry forgot her name

  3. @beachcrab: “forgot her name”: come on, I’m sure you want to keep her for yourself :)

  4. i read glowing reports here and another site so tried it tday. Very good GFE, body-body oil, long bj before n after 1st shower, vag and anal. No hassle, pay room at desk and pay girl 4 service. Minor gripe, the girl said time was up b4 my paid 1.5h and i kinda had a 2nd shot in mind. Would prefer she goes ‘wanna go again?’ but i kno thats not standard.

  5. I visited Tulips last october….I decided for a 2 hour oil massage with a lovely girl named guitar…

    She was very nice and enthusiastic and allowed (even encouraged) as many pops as possible in the session….She also did anal and CIM at no extra cost…

    all in all It was 800 baht for the “massage” and 1500 for the girl (I gave her 2000) wich was excellent value for the money!!

    Going back there this october and see if shes still working there :)

  6. I’ve gone four time to Tulip, each time a different girl. The three first ladies were great, but last time, I picked a girl whose name is “ant” : she is small, she have a tatto on the shoulder or on the back near the shoulder and she was close to zero. So, just try to avoid her !

  7. Have to disagree there. I’ve had Ant a few times and she’ll happily let you try all holes and she loves you to finish in her mouth.

  8. i have to give the place thumbs up again. been 6 times, tried 3 diff gals and always good. tnite the chick let me try the back door but it was so tight it wouldn’t go in, haha, so i got her to ride me. she rode so hard it just about broke my cock off and i had the most intense orgasm. Prior to all this there was prolonged play with about 4 bjs including one before the shower.

    per suk’s advice, once you gain experience you enjoy this kind of thing more. i have worked out my own style i guess. i don’t like to negotiate or even specify i want FS. And i like to start it off with the girl with me in the shower. so i don’t want her to do the massage bit then i decide whether it’s FS or what. I don’t see that the quality of the massage has to affect whether i go HJ, BJ, FS or walk… so I basically pick someone I’m attracted to, or else go another place. And so if I’m attracted, it’s always gonna be FS.

    So what I do is, pick one I like, then as soon as she’s brought her basket of goodies I give her a big smile and start feeling her up and getting her to undress me and then I undress her and play around some more and then i take her hand and pull her to the shower. By now, it’s plaing that I’ve been doing this before and that I’m going for FS. No mention of FS or price at all. Then it’s shower, play, etc. And can maybe get BJ before shower. Then at the end just pay the 1500 and tip. My standard is 200 and I think I probably will avoid deviating from this too much, unless she’s really disappointing.

    by the way tnite when i went in it was around 10pm. only 4 gals available. two looked “just ok” on the pics, but i didn’t wanna go look at them only to walk away so i was about to walk when mamasan pointed out one and recommended her. i thought a bit then decided on “yes”. Since I’d been there fairly often recently, mamasan knows my face so she better give me a good pick, I think to myself. The one she picked was one of my top 2 out of the 4 so I figure it’s OK. Girl comes up, I’m thinking “yea just OK” but when i get time with her in the room I really appreciate her looks and then the rest of the story is above…

    bottom line (pun intended) I haven’t had a bad experience there. and once did a full backdoor deal (not something i want every time but hey it’s fun for variety)

    thanks Suk for your bad influence, haha…

  9. I’m curious about the 1500 “plus a tip.” I never give above the fee, because I figure the girl keeps all of that anyway. Am I a Cheap Charlie because of this?

  10. @ Lumpini: I usually give a tips when the girl really puts “feelings” in what she does. Can be 100, 200, 300, etc.
    Some extra services also require a tips like CIM or anal.
    IMO it’s like any kind of services, if you think that the service provided is above average, why not give a tips?

  11. Oh, I’m all for giving a tip if the mood strikes. I guess I just figured the 1500 sort of was a tip, so to speak. At least, I always leave at only the 1500 for the one-pop sessions.

  12. So how is the service at Tulip now, generally? I keep hearing reports of getting shorted on time and the girls not being into it as much as before. I do like me some multiple pops, and I couldn’t give a damn if I get an actual massage or not, but I do want 2 hours, and I want it with a willing lass.

  13. I went to Best and Tulip after reading all the above. Best was OK but not great. The girl was pretty but too obviously reluctant. Tulip was superb! I went twice, and enjoyed Jo Jo and Tina (not sure if name correct). Both did different things, things I wouldn’t have thought to ask for, and they were cheerful and friendly too. Next trip to Asia will certainly be via BKK and the Tulip. They should open one in the airport transit lounge!

  14. Hello, I come to Bangkok in february, but only there short time (1,5 day but 2 nights :) ..) before we go to Koh Chang and later to Hua Hin.

    I want to try the best oilmassage and sex in bangkok, but what really turn me on is that the girl are passion, smiling, naugty….and then if
    she also are good looking it is a big plus too ofcourse.

    I have been searching a lot, and I end up with TULIP, looks like this
    place coming close to my wishes to get best vallue for the money.

    I love to walk around between the beutiness, but I also know that
    all of me will “TILT” and I go with the best looking girl……and maybe
    she is not the most pleasing 4me !!!!

    Soo If possibel – pls. come up with actual girl names/no. – then I can really enjoy a walk between the girls and “suddenly” choose the right one…. :)


  15. @ Bent: this is a question you should post also in the forum. Me I haven’t been to Tulip for a while and can’t really recommend anyone.

  16. I went toTulip two days ago after a recommendation, and was a bit disappointed of the looks of the girls, but found a girl with the right spark in her eyes (sorry don’t know the name).
    After we got to the room I asked if there was something she didn’t do and the answer was “I will do everything”.
    After a shower together, superb body massage and a long ggggooood bj the real action started, I asked for backdoor and shot my first in her ass. after a short shower (for her), there was a new round of bj and sex in all positions. The 2:nd was without condom into he mouth… yummy.

    I give this place 5 stars!!

  17. I feel it is definitely time for a repeat visit to Tulip. From above, I read JoJo and Tina are good choices. Elsewhere, I’ve read Fa speaks good English and is more into anal than vaginal, although to tell you the truth, I’m not a backdoor kind of guy. I’ve never understood the attraction. If I go back to Tulip, it won’t be because they do anal; it will be because these are some nasty sluts who will try to make me cum and cum and cum.

    I think somewhere I read a Tulip girl named Gop is a poor choice.

  18. Tnite I went again. Stonecock and Lumpini – you should try. I don’t think I’ve ever really been disappointed but will agree Gop, while not terrible, didn’t grab me as much as some others. I won’t recommend my favorite coz she is usually not free AS IT IS. Also, you may not find her attractive like I do anyhow. Worth picking the one you like and creating rapport with her. I think that is how you get the great service. Tonight I went there and my current 2nd fave was free so I went for her and had the usual great time.

    Personally I think how to get great service is to form a sort of relationship with the girl. That means going back to her more than once. Doesn’t have to be regularly or frequently or involve any sort of dating or phone action. Just… repeat business over time.

    So you pick her, she recognizes you when she comes up from downstairs, you act like it’s the most natural thing in the world that you would pick her over the others, and up you go to the room. Have a piss in the bathroom on the way. Otherwise you’ll wind up wanting to piss in the shower in the room. That’s kind of OK here but still, better to use the urinal.

    My advice – treat the massage as secondary; don’t even bother unless you really want it. If you really want it, book 1.5-2 hrs. The gal takes some time to get her basket… I’ve taken to undressing while waiting, and either starting my shower before she gets there, or waiting with underwear only on. She comes in, I’m kinda ready. Now, if I’m in shower she will quickly come in and get clean. If I’m not, it means I want to make out on the bed before shower so I make out there first, then take all our clothes off and then go shower. I’d rather she sucks me when I’m clean than not, so she always has the best BJ experience. Unless I’ve just showered at home before coming out. In which case I can skip the whole shower part. She showered after her last client so I’m comfortable she is clean enuff. I don’t go down in any case.

    Tnite, I had about 5 beers before going there. Just right. Enuff that I’ll be hard for long, not enuff to make me “lose it” when the condom goes on due to lack of feeling. Certainly not enuff to make it difficult to get hard. I think this is optimal – enuff beers to really prolong the fun. I prefer this to trying to squeeze two pops in, altho I’ve done that before here. Needs some recovery time in between and probably best if no drinks beforehoand.

    So tnite I went with the underwear only when she entered. As soon as she comes in, it’s gentle pull over to the bed, and then she was kissing my body all over, sucking my nipples, working her way down to my cock round the thighs, balls etc. She would have taken it in her mouth but I thought better not as I hadn’t washed since morning. So at that point I took her bra and panties off (I’d taken the other bits off earlier) and brought her to shower.

    In shower, I got a blowjob. I think, if you signal this is what you want, you will get it. It’s ok to wait a sec and see if she goes for it, but if she doesn’t gently nicely let her know you’d like it. It should not be a problem, I think (at Tulip). I’ve never known any chick at tulip to try to cover the BJ (always Bareback).

    Then nice cleanup, then I leave and let her finish her bit. Somehow, even if I try to wash them thoroughly then rinse them off, they usually wanna do a little more for themselves (anyone else get that??). Nowadays I just finish myself then get out; i soap them up a bit and feel them up and rub my soapy cock on them but that’s enuff for me.

    So, on the bed, it’s lie back and get licked all over and then sucked. I start on my back. I don’t need a back massage, I want her to use the time making my front feel good. Long BBBJ, nice. Fingering her pussy. Great stuff. Then finally I’m ready I let her get on top. Actually this one tnite is the one I reviewed above. Once more, she was very energetic and the way she does it is quite… violent. If I had no beers I would have come fast. But I didn’t. Flipped her, did her from behind, finally switched to anal and really went hard for quite a while until coming. Felt really amazing… for some unknown reason coming feels better when you have really exerted like crazy, or if the girl has been on top going really hard and making you exert/pant despite you just lying there on the bottom. Tonight it felt like I was dealing out punishment :P But she seemed to enjoy, so…

  19. I should once again point out that multi pop, in my view, becomes much more possible once you have a good vibe with the girl. Oh yea Lumpini I have an idea about tipping in this context.

    If you find the girl to be really hot, try starting the session with “I’ll tip you extra 200 if I really enjoy… and I’ll also be back”. If she tries to negotiate for more, she’s being greedy so you can maybe write her off a bit. But if she’s cool (I’ve never tipped more than 200) then she should try to make you very happy (this might include more than 1 pop… I think if you pop 1st v. fast and there’s clearly time for more, it’s not reasonably that she shouldn’t let u have a 2nd one. If the 2nd threatens to go overtime, since there’s already been a massage etc, different story). Anyhow, if you’re happy at the end, you tip the 200 as agreed; if not, you could perhaps tell her why you ain’t happy and withhold the tip.

    If you were indeed happy, I recommend coming back to the same person again and just building on it, but at the end always just tip exactly the same, so your total is 1700b. I’ve experience great ongoing service from several girls using this way of doing things (I didn’t offer tip upfront as I suggest above, but after a good session I gave 200 and then repeat business resulted in getting to know them better and getting offers like the girl bringin in 4 condoms and saying I must try to use them all!!!)

    I think it really matters (as in the non P4P world) to get the sexual rapport, part of it is knowing the girl and while this isn’t ALL about talking with her, some amount of talking is important. I joke around with them. Tonight’s one, there was no joking until after… your body can get to know hers w/o talking, as well :P

    But I feel that a little joking around chatting after, results in a warm feeling so the next time I visit, I get a very happy welcome

    And, I think… the more you are a regular, the more valuable you are so less issues about time (like, u won’t get rushed out; or if you go overtime it won’t be such an issue) or anything else

    Someday I’m gonna have to try 2 chicks here but the rooms really are small!!! Maybe I’ll rent a hotel room and do a double take-out. It occurs to me, if the take-out occurs at the end of the shift (ends at midnite) then you can parlay it into a semi-long time with the offer of maybe 500 tip (per girl :P )

  20. Lumpini – since ur a regular at these things by now u shd not be shy to make clear what you want, right? it may not hurt to tell the mama that what you want is a girl who will be nasty and wanna make u cum and cum. or, once you meet the girl you’ve picked, tell her that. and if she says yes no problem, then go upstairs. if she looks awkward about it or tries to talk about a lot of extra fees, you can perhaps turn to mama and say “i want another one” or just leave. I think it’s a buyer’s prerogative to say what you want, but most of us are just too frickin shy!!!

  21. Great posts, Ubernature. Oh, I’m not shy, nor am I unfamiliar with Tulip. Just been awhile since I’ve been there. So many places to go, so little time.

    I thought, though, that Tulip was famous for multiple pops? I remember it that way anyway. Is it not so much that anymore?

  22. i thnk u can. I have good relationship with a few of them and can multi if i want but not sure if every new cust gets it automatically. I thnk yes if u ask or show u want

  23. Thx. for all the informative about Tulip.
    I am sure this is the etablisement, that I want to visit.
    Unfortunately – I have soo short time in Bangkok, that it will be
    difficult to sneak out twise from my family, to try same girl as you
    advice “ubernature”.
    Hey; pls. give me a hint about your fav. girl……..or just names on girls
    that normally offers multi pops…………cummon…..lol.
    I will ask mamasan to give me names on girls which are willing to give
    me the best passion sex and multi pops………..and then go down under and see the girls…………and if the same names comes up as your advice and the girl turn me on……….then I think I have a big garanti to get a “fuck of the year” plessure.
    Thx. and I promise a nice report when I return home.

  24. This is a little odd. When I went to Tulip before, it was all the pops you could stand for everyone, including first-time customers. That was their big draw, their appeal. There was no having to build up a rapport; it was just what was on offer, whether it was wanted or not. By most accounts I’ve read, it’s still that way.

    But suddenly it sounds like all the other one-pop shops.

  25. I have been going to Tulips since it opened, have had excellent service about 95% of the time. Never denied a second or even third pop, in fact, I never ask for it, it is a always the girl who initiates it. I do have a shortlist of two or three, but giving names is no use, it often depends on personal rapport you have with the girl.

  26. lumpini sry i wasnt clear. I didnt aim for multi pop and so had massage the 1st couple times then a decently long sex then time was up so if multi was avail, i didnt know. By the 2nd time i tried each gal, theres alrdy a good vibe and this time i multi but i duno if that was due to vibe or if it is for evryone. I suspect everyone can multi and many times the gal would offer it if u have time left without u asking 4 it

  27. Ah, that sounds like the Tulip I remember. Definitely sounds like a return visit is in order.

    C’mon, guys. Don’t be shy about names. But if you just can’t bear to name your favorite for fear she’ll be too busy to see you as much anymore, at least say who NOT to choose.

  28. ok, try dao (dow) she gives gr8 service. But must book ahead she’s the most popular. I tried gop once. Among tulip she’s weak but i’ve had much worse elsewhere.

  29. So now at Tulip, I have the names of Dao, JoJo, Tina and Rose as good performers and Gop as one to avoid if possible. Plan to check it out in the next week or two.

  30. OK, add nice to that list.

    I am just recovering from an all nighter with her. She does very energetic sex, and gives a real GFE on top of that.
    She’s one of the best of the nine or ten I’ve tried at Tulips over the years.

    On the other issue of anal: Some will always do it, some reluctantly. Some never. But it does depend on your rapport with them, and maybe not the first time.

    One I’ve been with numerous times initially said she didn’t like anal. She didn’t outright say NO, but when she says beforehand ‘I don’t like’ I don’t push the issue, not that important for me. But then, on my fifth visit to her, she got very turned on, came wildly, and when during the fuck that followed I brushed agains the third entry with my finger she said “YES,OK”.

    She did seem to enjoy the ride that followed. Afterwards, she usually doesn’t encourage because of a few bad experiences, including one guy who did nothing but ram her arse for two hours solid, and caused pain and discomfort for a long time. But that day with me she said she was so hot and relaxed from previous coming that pain and discomfort simply weren’t an issue.

  31. Okay, I went to Tulip tonight and tried Tina. Damn, but that was one excellent GFE.

    This was probably my first time there in maybe three years, MAYBE four. The rooms look about the same as I remembered. They’ve maintained them better than Angel26 has theirs, that’s for sure.

    When I was there in the past, there was a book with photos. This time, the rather bored-looking receptionist — gone is the bubbly receptionist of before — told me just to go downstairs and choose a girl. Hmmm. I’d come armed with a list of names memorized, but I didn’t want to start asking or calling out names before selecting.

    But I went downstairs, and there were a few pretties and some just so-so and one or two scary-looking ones. I chose the one with the pretty smile who seemed to be ogling me intently, like she really, really wanted me to pick her. This was Tina — thank goodness it was not the dreaded Gop — and she turned out to be one hell of a performer.

    Very short, a little squatty but rather proportionate I think. Said she was 23 and from Nakhon Phanom. (When she told me where she was from, I seemed to recall a preponderance of staff from that province before. Is that where the owner is from?) Beautiful face, beautiful smile. We had a grand couple of hours. I came three times, she came at least a couple, and I tipped her 300 baht on top of the usual 1500.

    Drinks were reasonable, too. I ordered two Singhas for myself and two Heinekens for Tina (small bottles; they don’t carry large ones there), plus she also had a Fanta green. The drinks came to only 240 baht. I assume the Fanta was free and the beers were all 60 baht each.

    And she gave me her mobile number, saying I could even call her on her day off if I wanted. :D

    Personally, with a few exceptions, I’m a big believer in sticking with one girl per establishment, and if I go back to Tulip, I’ll certainly book her ahead of time. But there are just so many places and so many girls. Damn, but we really are spoiled for choice over here.

    But I give Tulip a big thumbs up and expect to be back soon. And I can recommend Tina.

  32. Hello
    Thx for nearly live report from Tulip, Lumpini :)
    Tina seems to be a good choice.
    I have to ask you about the start/reception.
    No book, just go downstairs……. did the girl sit up as in
    a fishbowl, or possibel to talk with the girls ?
    If they have numbers, pls give me Tina’s no. !! I am only
    in BKK 2 nights, and maybee there will go many years before
    I come back !

  33. It’s a couch area similar to Angel26, so yes you can talk to them directly. There is no glass separating you from them. It’s as if you’ve walked downstairs into a family recreation room.

    Tina gave me her number, but I don’t feel comfortable handing it out. I suggest calling the shop’s number on their website. Maybe they’ll even go get her to come to the phone. The shop opens at 10am, but she says she starts at 11am and is off on Tuesdays.

  34. I have been to Tulip one time, in april 2009 to be exact. A friend of mine actually recommended it, so guess what happened? We both ended up having sex in neighbouring rooms. What can I say? The experience was overwhelmingly awesome!!! I picked out the girl named Fa and she really knew how to satisfy.

    First she wrapped both her arms around me and said: “You take shower with me nowww, pleaassseee”. Well, I didn`t dwell too long with that question so undressed me and I her, and she gave me lovely, soft BJ right there in the shower. When I shot off my load in her mouth, she took both her thumbs up and sort of signalled to me that she was proud that she had made me come.

    After we both got cleaned up, we ended up in bed and she gave a cat wash with her tongue all over my body, my cock, balls and asscrack got seriously licked. Then she rode my cock like wild cowgirl on a crazy mustang. To make the story short; she made me come four times there and it`s the best damn sex I`ve ever had before and I am definitely going back there. I hope Fa still works there, cuz I really hit it off with her. Not the best looking girl in the world, but there was something very charming with the way she looked. Great eyes and very naughty.

  35. Imagine all the above but with a really beautiful woman, and deep throat too, and you’ve got Dao. Absolutely amazing. I had a romp with Cath too, which was a good workout, but I wouldn’t again.

  36. dao is the most popular one there and is very talented. She looks ok but not my type. But she is said by mamasan and other girls to be the star . Thats what her name means too! U normally wd not find her free so u may want to book.