Ladyboy Massage Shop, Sukhumvit… nowhere!

The recent opening of Cockatoo, the first all-Ladyboy Go-Go bar on soi Cowboy is just yet another confirmation that the demand for the “third gender” is expanding in Bangkok.

Patpong and Nana Plaza count several Ladyboy Go-Go bars and a few mixed (Ladyboys+Girls) Go-Go bars; several escort agencies are specialized in Ladyboys, and more and more Ladyboy freelancers are joining the crowd on lower Sukhumvit and in the after hours clubs.

Yet, there is no Ladyboy massage shop in Bangkok. Not one.

There are a few massage shops with girls and Ladyboys, like Apsara Massage (2 shops on Sukhumvit soi 4 and on Silom), there are several gay massage shops (by men for men), there are a few Teen Spa featuring 1 Ladyboy among several girls (actually the only one I know is Fruity Spa, on Lat Prao), but there is no Ladyboy Massage shop, no Ladyboy Massage Parlor and no Ladyboy Teen Massage.

I would not be surprised though that such shops start to open in the coming days. If there is a demand for Ladyboys in the bars, Go-Go bars and nightclubs, there is no reason there is no demand in the massage shop.

Obviously people a curious and want to try Ladyboys, whatever ‘try’ means for them. I am not a Ladyboy specialist but I guess the attraction comes from the fact that they represent the perfect girl fantasy: Tall, slim, large breast, slim waist, etc. and with or without manhood depending on your taste! :)

It is not always about sexual desire but also about pure curiosity.

IMO a successful shop would present Ladyboys and girls together, with a clear mention (on the photo album for instance) of who is what. This way the shop would attract guys who like Ladyboys, guys who like girls and guys who want to meet the third gender but without going as far as… well, you know what I mean.

And you? What do you think? Do you go to Ladyboy Go-Go bars and bars? Do you look at Ladyboys in the street and in the clubs? Would you go to a Ladyboy massage shop? Or would that turn you off that a massage shop has both Ladyboys and girls?

Don’t be shy! Give your opinion in the comments below or in the forums here. (If you use explicit language in your comment, rather post in the forums).

0 thoughts on “Ladyboy Massage Shop, Sukhumvit… nowhere!

  1. Sounds like a great idea! I’d support it and already I’m licking my chops in getting ready for my next trip to the LOS!

  2. Always find the ladyboys at Cascades in Nana Plaza, in the clubs and some on Sukhumvit interesting to talk to. Most speak decent English and a few like the ones in Cascades can be found on ladyboy adult websites. Walk down the sidewalk on Sukhumvit enough and you’ll get the feel so to speak of which ones to steer clear of and which ones you can have an interesting conversation with or more. Always find it amusing myself. Plus it’s always fun to take a gogo girl from Soi Cowboy and then take her into one of the ladyboy bars at Nana to watch her reaction.