Finding a Thai lady online (Sponsored Blog Post)

Finding a Thai lady online

This is a Sponsored Blog Post written by the Sponsor. But read on! There is a special offer for Sukhumvit Entertainment’s readers.

When it comes to dating online Thailand has many options. There are pay only sites where you need to pay to even make contact with a girl, free sites which are overrun with spammers or Filipinas, or you can look at which is a “freemium” dating site which opened up about three years ago.

Since opening up ThaiFriendly has grown to over a quarter of a million members and there is quite a variety of girls online. Whether you want to find yourself a nice office girl or prefer life on a farm tending to a loyal buffalo there is someone for you.

thai ladyboy

However like with all sites you should probably get a little experience before making any big commitments as there are pay for play girls hiding online in disguise. Usually it pays to be honest and up front with your intentions. If you are not looking for anything serious then there are plenty of Thai girls who meet your specification!

If you like ladyboys then ThaiFriendly has a huge stock. If you show a little flesh then you will have ladyboys contacting you in large numbers and will be fighting them off! Fortunately if you don’t like ladyboys you can choose to be invisible to them (unlike a night in the plaza where you may not be safe from their mitts).

thai ladyboythai ladyboy

Dating online is a numbers game. First you should set yourself up a good profile. Put a little time into it since it is the first thing people see about you and will be the deciding factor on if they choose to message you or not. You should use a clear picture and your profile text should give an idea of what a girl can expect if she is to be dating you. Rather than saying what you want, say what you are and what you do. Build an image for the cute Thai lady reading your profile and let her imagine being with you. Photos of you doing cool activities or in nice places are a bonus. Maybe even a photo of you with an attractive girl.

thai ladyboy

After you have your profile set up its a numbers game. If you choose to use ThaiFriendly for free (which is very possible) then you can send one message every ten minutes and contact as many girls as you have time for. The more messages you send the more replies you get. Don’t be too quick to get them onto Skype or you may end up with a bloated Skype list of luke-warm contacts who you are only semi-interested in. Also asking for contact details immediately can give an air of desperation.

If you do choose to signup as premium you will get a lot more features such as being able to browse the site as offline and send unlimited messages as well as access their chat and webcam. Sukhumvit Entertainment has arranged a 15% off voucher for you guys too – just enter “sukent” on the upgrade page to get the money off.

If you are a little jaded from the bar scene or just want to try talking to some “real” girls then try it out!

No working girls in Hong Kong, please!

Funny story in the Bangkok Post about a Sexy Thai star mistaken for a working girl at Hong Kong immigration:

Mistaken identity Sexy star Panpim “Pam” Techathanachaipat is upset after Hong Kong immigration detained her on suspicion of being a prostitute.

Pam was questioned at Hong Kong airport early in January when she turned up at passport control with a family group of 16.

They intended to stay just a few days on holiday, but the officials thought she was too good looking to be an ordinary visitor, and wondered if the real intention of her visit was to sell her body.

“They asked me to step into an interview room, where they pummelled me with questions for an hour,” she said last week.

“I cried, as nothing like this had happened to me before. I’ve visited France and the US without any problems, and thought Hong Kong should be an easy country to enter. In fact, it was the opposite,” she told reporters.

Pam said she was sensibly, rather than tartily dressed. However, she had changed her name about two years ago, and not travelled anywhere in the period since, which aroused their suspicions.

“I told them I was travelling with a family group, but everyone has different surnames, as they’re all married,” she said.

Pam said she was finally able to convince immigration to let her go when she showed them pictures of herself as a performer which she keeps on her mobile phone.

“Next time I’ll prepare a dossier of my work to show them that I really do work in the entertainment industry,” she said.

Read it here: Bangkok

Don't rely on pictures!

We told you before: Don’t rely on pictures!

When you look at the photo book in a massage shop, don’t trust the pictures. Use them for a preselection of 3-4 girls and then chose “live”. Thai girls always look good on pictures.

Fonthip Watcharatrakul – Miss Thailand 2010

Look at the Miss Universe contest: Miss Thailand 2010 did not even finish in the Top 10. Not even in the Top 15. Actually we don’t even know her ranking. But what we know is that she won Best Costume (who said Cosplay?) and Miss Photogenic. Yes, Miss Photogenic! Sounds like: “looks good on the pics, but only on the pics”.

The winner was Miss Mexico, who, in my opinion, looks good on pictures too!

Jimena Navarrete – Miss Mexico and Miss Universe 2010

Don’t trust the pictures!

The post you won't read on TFS2M and how to read a bar girl

If you did not register to the RSS feed of TFS2M (The Farang Speaks 2 Much) you probably missed a very weird post from one of their most controversial authors. They published it and then deleted it, but it was online long enough to be sent via the RSS feed. Yes this is censorship, but having read the post, I can easily understand their decision. I would even wonder why they published it in the first place!

Basically this was about a specific shrine here in downtown Bangkok which is supposedly famous for single Thai girls to come and pray (pray for finding love, of course). The author said that this place was to “good girls” what a go-go bar is to go-go girls (ouch!). Then he explained how one could use his experience of pulling go-go girls from the go-go bars to pick up girls from the shrine!!!

I am not too much into religions but I do respect people beliefs and I felt sorry for these girls that someone could set-up such a stange scenario.

I usually don’t read the posts of this guy (too long!) but I read the comments that it generates. A lot. As this post was banned, I was curious and I read it almost entirely. There were no comments to read anyway.

Another part really struck me:

Without much mental effort, I can take a quick look at gogo girls on the pole and construct an almost always 90% accurate personal history/profile of any girl-which ones are struggling, which are prospering, which have babies, which are on Yabaa, which prefer Japanese guys, how long they have been in the  bar, whether they have a Thai boyfriend, how hard they will bargain, whether they are into long time or are looking for a quickie in the short time room, and, most importantly, what type of ride they are going to give you in the bedroom. I don’t think I am unique or have any special skill that most experienced farang don’t possess. GoGo Girl reading is a naturally acquired skill for most farang.”


I would consider myself as rather experimented in the go-go bar field, but for sure I can’t do that. The best one is “whether they have a Thai boyfriend”! So, you look at a girl dancing on a pole and you know whether or not she has a Thai boyfriend. That’s great! Would that work also with a Korean boyfriend? A Japanese? A German???

Me, all I can do is look at the girls and say which ones are pretty and which ones are not. Which ones are enjoying themselves and which ones are not. And from there make a few assumptions…

To know more, I need to discuss with them at least a few minutes. Sometimes a girl looks very nice on the stage, but when she sits with you she has kind of an attitude. And sometimes she looks like she has an attitude but she actually is very nice when seating with you. I can never tell.

However I have noticed that I am better know to “profile” the girl after a few questions. The usual ones: “What’s your name?“, “Where you from?“, “How long have you been working here?“, etc. This usually helps me to find out what kind of girl she is and whether I will have a good time or a bad time. I used to be unable to do that, but now I’m quite good at it.

But still I can’t say whether they have a BF (Thai or not), whether they prefer Japanese guys, and even not whether the ride will actually be good! (The fact that the girl is nice is no guarantee of the outcome!).

I’m quite sad to realise that if what this blogger says is true, I’m one of the few unskilled farangs! :(